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Sophy Layzell, is an author based in Somerset who was lucky to have had a childhood full of stories. Born in Laos, she was adopted into a wonderful family who prize creativity very highly. 
Adventures created for her by her father were the best way to start the weekend, and Tintin read aloud to her by her brother (with accents) were a highlight of her youth. Without stories, she would have had no sense of place, history and no dreams from which they could grow. 

Sophy has enjoyed a number of creative pursuits in her life so far! She worked as a commercial artist while her children were young, hand-drawing portraits, and maps with no vanishing point as well as designing rubber stamps and greetings cards. She followed this by running drama workshops, as her own children needed something less prescriptive than the existing stage schools. Ten years later, after many shows and three trips to the Edfringe with her friend Kat, Make Performing Arts is still running.

When her daughter Jemima died in 2012 aged 13, Sophy began to put Jemima's diary entries together to create a lasting momento of her life and also to ensure Jemima's ambition to become an author came true. The book sold internationally on Amazon and it was agreed that the money should be used to start a charitable trust in Jemima's name. Sophy spends a great deal of time running the Jemima Layzell Trust which helps children with brain injury as well as promoting awareness for organ transplants. 

Most recently, Sophy ran a shop with her friend Kate that had a mix of upcycled things, local art, and vintage clothes. While minding the shop Sophy began to edit various stories she had written years ago. Many re-writes and edits later Sophy felt ready to share her stories. She hopes you enjoy her debut novel 'Measure of Days' and would be delighted to hear your thoughts and read your reviews.

Photograph by Tina Downham

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