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Measure of Days

The first novel in the 'Complete Series'.

Deter Edison is an ordinary girl, or so she thought... 


After a brutal kidnapping, Deter finds herself propelled into a world that she knows nothing about. Her scientist captors want something that only she has - an incredibly rare gene - and they'll stop at nothing until they get it. 


Feeling betrayed by her guardian, Amery, Deter's world turns upside down when she's plummeted into a war with the government and her captors. She must flee to London to seek protection there, but she doesn't know who she can trust. And even if she does make it to safety, how can she remain hidden from the Establishment?

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'A real page turner that I couldn't put down'

Review on 5 stars

'Romper-stomper of a read'

Review on Book Guild 5 stars

'As a fan of The Hunger Games & Divergent series of books, I was excited to read this debut dystopian novel by Sophy. And it didn't disappoint.'

Review on 5 stars

'Fabulously engaging human stories based in a frighteningly realistic future.'

Review on Amazon 5 stars

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