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In response to her mother's call Stella has returned to the world she once knew, to help bring her family back together. 


Held together by the fragile invisible thread that binds each family together, Catherine, David and Charlie must navigate life without Stella.


But what happens when that thread is stretched to its limit? Will it eventually snap? And if so, how will they find their way back to each other? 


From her slumber under the earth, Stella responds to her mother’s call. Convinced she must help unravel the knots in her family’s relationship, she sets out to try and bring her family back together.


Sophy Layzell’s compelling new novel is about hope and love that crosses and transcends all worldly boundaries. 

Beautifully drawn and moving, Invisible Thread is about the certainty that even after the blackest of nights there will be a new day. 

5 star reviews in Praise of Invisible Thread 


Beautifully written, this is a book that will stay with you long after reading. 

I found the book highly emotive & it will certainly get you right in the feels. 



The way this book portrays grief is beautiful. 



The book is written beautifully and respectfully. 

A brilliantly written book and one that I would definitely read again!



This brilliant book is … A character driven story, Invisible Thread conveyed the emotions of Stella’s family as they grieve, with some beautiful character development throughout.

I think this book will remain with me for a while. 



The book gives you so much joy and hope...

The level of detail built in even from the opening chapter the first sentence 

the first paragraph show you how talented this author is. 

For me this is going to stay with me for a long long time. Life will always go on, families will struggle,

but memories will always bring back together. 



This is beautifully written and so respectful of loss in a family. 

Having lost a daughter I shed many tears through this book but I gained a new understanding as well. 

I knew this would be a difficult read but it was so worth it. 

Stunningly written book. 



Outstanding novel told from perspectives of four people. 

Beautifully written and highly emotive with fantastic character development. 



Oh wow this book is powerful and emotional!

This had me in tears and joyful at times too. It's a thought provoking book and very emotional. 



Sophy Layzell, with compassion and understanding 

has written about the shape shifting beast that is grief and the shattered lives she leaves in her path. 


The hardback edition is available to order from all good retailers. Quote the ISBN number: 9781919628417  to order from your local bookshop.

The soft back copy comes out December 1st 2021.

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