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In 1899 the Louisa lifeboat was taken 13 miles over land from Lynmouth to Porlock where it was launched to rescue a ship in distress. This was a huge undertaking in the middle of the night with all members of the community coming out to help. It took them 10 hours. They had to dig down banks, knock gateposts and take down walls and trees. Such bravery despite the obstacles meant that the 15 men aboard the Forest Hill were saved. An amazing story.

Louisa Proof 5

  • This reduction linoprint is one of four proofs (print run 2) Dec 2021

    The background is a light grey. The pink is added by hand and is on three sailor hats. 

    It is marked as a proof and signed.

  • This has been created using biodegradeable lino and printed onto 220 gms cartridge paper using water based inks.



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